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Flower Bud Necklace/ 14ct Gold Plated

Flower Bud Necklace/ 14ct Gold Plated


This little flower bud is a hibiscus flower bud. Hibiscus syriacus, commonly known as the rose of Sharon, is the national flower of Korea. The rose of Sharon symbolises longing and perseverance, due to the fact that the plant is strong and resistant to cold. Also, individual flowers do not bloom and fall altogether, but continuously one after another, leading to an extended blooming period. They bloom from Summer to Autumn.

The Hibiscus flower also represents glory and feminine energy.



Metal: 14ct gold plated sterling silver

Measurement: Flower bud 6.2 mm x 22.4 mm, chain 45 cm

Finish: Polished

MADE TO ORDER. Dispatches in 1 to 3 weeks.