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essentials kit
essentials kit
essentials kit

essentials kit


Ever heard of a face transplant?

Yeah, nah. Neither have we. So you should probably look after the one you've got.

Our research has shown that men want to take better care of themselves. You know that skincare is important to keep your mug looking good long term, but it can be confusing to navigate.

That's where we come in.

This routine is two steps, two minutes, twice per day.

Your face is going to thank you for this one.

Suitable for all skin types.
Gentle on your face. Formulated for daily use.


  • daily face wash 100ml
  • day cream 55ml
  • night cream 55ml

Perfect for:

Low maintenance dudes, high maintenance dudes, athletes, non-athletes, guys with dry, oily, or sensitive skin... Basically, if you're a dude with a face - you qualify. 

Helps with:

  • premature signs of aging
  • sensitive skin and managing breakouts
  • excessively dry or oily skin
  • reducing redness and inflammation
  • shaving irritation
  • clogged pores
  • dark spots & uneven skin tone
  • damage from acne, the sun, and other impurities
  • saving money on your power bill because your skin is glowing*

      * anecdotal feedback from one of our subscribers


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