All products are proudly made in New Zealand

Getting set up as a Seller

This is a step by step guide for invited sellers to create a profile on Local Artisan and start selling their beautiful New Zealand made products! You are welcome to email us at if you have any questions, we're more than happy to help! 🤗 

    1. Create Marketcube account

    All sellers must set up a Marketcube account.
    Click here to create a Marketcube account.

    From your Marketcube portal, you can log in at any time to make changes to your products or to update the status an order. When a customer purchases a product from you, this will appear in your Marketcube portal and you will also receive an email notification. 

    Please note: when signing up, the verification email may wind up in your spam folder! So make sure to check this if it doesn't show in your inbox right away.

    Click here to create Marketcube account

    2. Upload your products

    If you already have a Shopify account you can easily sync your products from your store to our store. Or you can upload each product one at a time. (Please ask us if you need help!)

    When uploading products please remember:

    - Tick "This is a physical product" (otherwise shipping costs will not be applied) 


    - Include your shipping rates for both Domestic (Standard and Rural) and international (if you ship internationally) in the product description for each product

    - If you have limited stock of a product, select "Shopify tracks this products inventory" under Inventory Policy, then enter the number you have in stock. When you are out of stock, this product will display as "Sold out".  

    - Do not select "Shopify tracks inventory" without putting a quantity available. 

    - Do not post personal contact information in your product description.

    For more help with uploading products, check out the link below:

    Marketcube's Guide for Vendors

    3. Payment info

    Please send us an email to with your bank account number so that we can pay you directly when a sale comes through.  

    4. Other Settings

    Shipping - You will not be able to set up your shipping rules through Marketcube. Instead we will set up a custom shipping profile for you through Shopify directly. As long as your shipping info is in your product description is updated, we will do the rest 😊  .. This does mean that when an order comes through, it will display as if shipping has not been applied - this is not the case and you will be paid for shipping costs. 

    Notifications - You will get an email every time changes you make to make to your products have been approved so you may want to turn this notification off in your settings. 

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