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Returns and Refunds Policy

In the event of any issues or disputes that may arise with a Sellers product that has been purchased through the Local Artisan website, Local Artisan will provide the Seller’s provided contact details to the customer so that the customer may contact the Seller directly to discuss the need for return or refund. As mentioned in clause 1.2 of our Terms of Use, when you buy or sell a product on our platform, the contract is strictly between the buyer and seller. In providing the Local Artisan platform, we do not own any Items listed on our Site and do not act as an agent for either Seller or Buyer party.

Customers may contact with proof of purchase to request a Sellers contact information in the event that a customer deems their purchased product to be in breach of the listing requirements set out in clauses 1.3 or 1.4 of the Terms for Local Artisan Sellers or if they believe they are entitled to a return, exchange or refund in line with the Consumer Guarantees Act. Local Artisan will supply the Seller's contact information within a reasonable time frame and the dispute will be resolved away off of the Local Artisan platform.