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Why supporting local should be our new normal

Why supporting local should be our new normal

The popularity for conscious shopping or conscious consumerism in New Zealand during the early months of 2020, including the #shoplocal and #supportlocal social trends, was instrumental to the survival of many of our small businesses. Kiwis are great neighbours and we like to support the locals in our community when they are in need of help. But now that life is returning back to normal, we wanted to share why it is so important for the “support local” trend to become a new everyday mindset for kiwis. 

Say for example, if you wanted to purchase some warm socks for the winter. For many pre-lockdown consumers, purchasing decisions would have been based on three factors; 1. Price, 2. Functionality and 3. Aesthetic. Only a minority of kiwis would have considered or prioritised the ethical footprint of the product, or where the product was manufactured. Thanks to our short stint in lockdown, the ‘support local’ trend introduced this consideration for many kiwis, whose first choice would have otherwise been international brands.

Here are 3 important reasons that supporting local business should be our new normal. 

1. Environment

By purchasing locally, your carbon footprint is much smaller. Internationally ‘shipped’ goods are usually transported via air travel. According to The New York Times, air travel accounts for about 2.5 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions, this is a far greater share than emissions from cars or courier vans. 

2. Quality

More often than not, if a product is cheap, that is because it has been mass produced in a factory. Handmade goods tend to be higher quality, made with locally sourced materials and have a much higher attention to detail and therefore will last much longer.

3. Economy

A healthy economy relies on us generating wealth and income within New Zealand. When we spend our own money on goods that are produced at home in New Zealand, we are helping our own economy to thrive. 

We are not saying you are evil for purchasing from international companies or buying goods that were manufactured overseas. The reality is that due to the large scale production in these companies, their products are much cheaper than local alternatives. Sometimes these options are all we can afford, and that’s ok! We simply hope that the consideration is made before you next make a purchase. If you need a pair of socks, is there a New Zealand company who manufacture socks from local resources that you could discover?



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